Indonesia Must Halt Tin Sales to Aid Price, Bangka Governor Says

Bloomberg’s Dwi Sadmoko, Yoga Rusmana and Eko Listiyorini report on Indonesia’s plans to halt overseas tin shipments in an effort to raise prices. Indonesia is the world’s biggest tin exporter, accounting for 48 percent of global tin production. However, tin prices across the world keep falling as supplies from other countries, like Myanmar, continue to increase. There is an obvious need for cooperation from all smelters.

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Indonesian tin shipments fall in July

The article talks about the fall in tin shipments from Indonesia due to new purity standards, which has resulted in the continuously rising tin prices. The fall has been forecasted and is considered to be the largest since January 2012. However, this is an advantageous situation for tin project developers like Stellar Resources as the demand for tin is growing. In fact, Stellar’s recent pre-feasibility study demonstrated technical and economic viability of its Heemskirk Tin project in Tasmania.

The article supports its analysis by providing a brief summary of Macquarie’s research findings that show the rise tin usage.

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