Stellar Resources was delighted to welcome Peter Kettle, Manager of Statistics and Market Studies at the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) to the RACV Club in Melbourne on Monday 17 September as part of the Australian Tin Tour.

ITRI is the UK-based international tin industry association representing two-thirds of the world’s refined metal production. Its main objective over its 80-year history has been to support tin usage.

Peter provided guests with an up-to-date overview of the outlook for the tin industry and answered many robust questions about the current state of the tin market and its many uses and applications.

The four-year CRU commodity outlook for tin is hot with a strong price outlook as demand from China and the electronics market continues to outstrip current supply.

Peter Kettle told an audience of 40, “It is an exciting time for tin, with new markets being explored and tin replacing lead as the preferred solder.”

Despite the positive outlook for tin, Peter reminded guests that continued investment and support for tin is needed to maintain production levels and fulfill demand.

Stellar Resources is part of the ITRI Explorers and Developers Group and is developing the Heemskirk Tin Project in Tasmania, part of the next generation of new mine projects.

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