The Montana Flats Exploration License EL13/2018 was granted to Stellar in August 2018 after winning a competitive tender process run by Mineral Resources Tasmania for the license. he Montana Flats EL13/2018 adds the Oonah tin deposit, the fourth of the known Heemskirk Tin Project deposits and also importantly, adds the northwest trending structural corridor along which all tin deposits and major historical silver mines lie and greatly enhancing the exploration potential of the Heemskirk Tin Project.

Montana Flats is a highly mineralised tenement that hosts similar geology and mineralisation to Stellar’s flagship Heemskirk Tin Project (ML2023P/M). Importantly, the Queen Hill, Severn and Montana tin deposits of Heemskirk lie within dilation zones associated with major northwest trending structures identified as the Oonah and Montana Faults. These and associated faults extend well into EL13/2018 where they host a number of historical silver/lead mines. Zeehan Western, the second largest silver/lead producer in the Zeehan field is associated with the Montana Fault and the Oonah silver mine, the fourth largest producer, lies on the Oonah Fault. The Oonah tin resource parallels the silver/lead lode on the Oonah Fault.

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Montana Flats EL13/2018 – Interpretative Geology