An updated Heemskirk Tin Project Total Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) of 7.48Mt @ 1.04% Sn (77,872t contained Sn) at a cut-off grade of 0.6% Sn was defined in September 2023 in accordance with the JORC Code 2012.

Heemskirk Tin Project Mineral Resource Statement (2023)

The updated Indicated Mineral Resource of 3.52Mt @ 1.05% Sn (36,991t contained tin) for the Heemskirk Tin Project represents a 24% increase in contained tin in the Indicated Mineral Resource component from the November 2022 MRE and a 58% increase from the 2019 MRE, significantly increasing confidence in the Project.

Benchmarking the Heemskirk Tin Project Resource

Heemskirk is the highest-grade undeveloped tin resource in Australia and third highest globally.

Comparison with Renison Tin Mine

The Renison Tin Mine located 18km to the NE of Heemskirk has similar geology and ore genesis to the Heemskirk Tin deposits.  Renison started with a 4.0Mt reserve and 5 year mine life in 1968 and has since increased the mine life to 50 years with at least another 15 years to go. The Heemskirk deposits contain only ~20% of contained tin found at Renison to date.

Comparison of Heemskirk and Renison Tin Deposits