The Heemskirk Tin Project will be supplied by 100% Renewable Energy generation in Tasmania. There are 7 hydro power stations and the Granville Harbour Wind Farm within 30km of the  Heemskirk Tin Project

Strong ESG Credentials

  • Underground mine, with limited surface footprint and environmental impact.
  • Mine portal and processing plant to be located behind Queen Hill screening it from Zeehan.
  • Tin is a critical mineral essential for de-carbonization and electrification of the planet.
  • No environmental impediments identified by Stage 1 surveying of mine, tailings transport and storage sites.
  • West Coast Council has inspected the project and provided positive feed back (WCC responsible for final mining approval).

Favourable location at Zeehan

  • Mining Community
  • Community supportive of Heemskirk Tin project development (additional local mining jobs).
  • Established industrial and mining services base.
  • Located in significant mining region; Renison, Henty, Rosebury, Mt Lyell and Avebury mines all within 30km.
  • Historical mining town with extensive mining and processing.