Phase 1 Drilling Program

A Phase 1 drilling program (~9 diamond holes, ~4,900m) aimed at identifying new areas of high-grade tin mineralisation near the defined Heemskirk tin deposits / resources is being undertaken in 2021 including:

  • Part A – 7 holes targeting depth extensions below key historic silver-lead mines
  • Part B – 2 holes targeting depth extensions of the Severn tin resource

Phase 1 Drilling Program Summary

Phase 1 Part A – Historic Silver-Lead Mines – Depth Extension Drilling

The highly mineralised Zeehan mineral field contains many historically significant high-grade silver-lead mines which have a total recorded production of 26 MOz Silver & 190,000 t Lead and resulted in the development of a major town and smelters at Zeehan in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s.

Part A of the Phase 1 drilling program includes 7 planned holes (total of ~3,000m) aimed at identifying new areas of high-grade tin mineralisation below 4 of the largest historic silver-lead mines in the Zeehan mineral field (Montana No.1, Zeehan Western, Oonah & Zeehan Queen No. 4) which are located on Stellar’s licences and typically had:

  • Ore grades of 20 Oz/t Silver to 100 Oz/t Silver
  • Mining widths of a few cm up to 2.7m (fissure veins)
  • Mining lengths up to 300m
  • Mining depths of 70m to 300m

Silver-Lead lodes typically transition into tin (with pyrite) lodes at depth. The 7 Phase 1 Part A holes target depths below the historically mined silver-lead lodes where transition to tin mineralisation is expected although there is also potential to intersect deeper high-grade silver-lead-zinc fissure lodes. No drilling ever done below these mines.


Zeehan Mineral Field – Sn Deposits & Historic Ag-Pb-Zn Mines on simplified Geology

Phase 1 Part B – Severn Resource Depth Extension Drilling

Part B of the Phase 1 drilling program includes two ~700m holes with provision for wedging & daughter holes planned (total of ~1,900m) targeting depth extensions of the Severn tin resource.

Severn is the largest of the Heemskirk Tin Project deposits and has been drilled only to ~500m depth. The 2 holes planned target extension of the Severn deposit ~100m below the current resource limit at a depth of ~600m. Severn remains open at depth where it is hoped that mineralisation will continue and increase in grade towards the underlying granite contact, predicted to be >1,000m below the surface from geophysical surveys.

Phase 2 Drilling Program

A Phase 2 diamond drilling program is under review by Stellar including:

Severn and Queen Hill Indicated Resource Infill Program

Severn and Queen Hill  are the two largest Heemskirk Tin Project deposits with a combined total Mineral Resource of 5.33Mt @ 1.0% Sn, of which 40% is Indicated & 60% Inferred.

The Phase 2 drilling program under review comprises Infill drilling to upgrade a significant part of the Severn and Queen Hill Inferred Resource to an Indicated Resource in order to support a PFS / BFS for the project.

Deep Hole

A deep hole is being considered as part of a Phase 2 drilling program to target the main conduit of mineralising fluids into the Severn and Queen Hill deposits from the underlying interpreted granite.

Advancement of Heemskirk Tin Project to PFS/BFS Completion

Other project work streams and studies required to advance the Heemskirk Tin Project to PFS and BFS completion are also under review by Stellar.

Many of the project work streams and studies have already been completed to a PFS level.

Work towards completion of the DPEMP is well progressed with environmental assessment program agreed and stage 1 surveys completed.

The project has secure Mining Leases granted over mine site, tailings pipeline route and tailings dam site.