Stellar Resources to raise $1.2 million to fund Heemskirk tin project drilling

Stellar Resources has announced its intention to fund an optimisation drilling in Tasmania by offering $1.2 million. The Indonesian Government’s ban on exports of unprocessed tin offers Stellar the opportunity to meet fast-growing demand as supplies become increasingly constrained. Capetown, an experienced operator in the tin recycling industry, has become Stellar’s largest shareholder which can be interpreted as highly beneficial for the company.

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Stellar scopes field for Heemskirk partner

Paydirt Magazine’s Mark Andrews reports on Stellar Resources’ search for an industry participant willing to assist in funding the Heemskirk tin project. It is believed to be a good time to commence the project as the tin industry is showing a steady improvement after two years of recession. Despite the changes to tin regulations in Indonesia that might impact the industry, Heemskirk stands out against peers in the field by being the highest-grade undeveloped tin deposit in Australia and is expected to move forward. Stellar sees new opportunities and room for improvement and intends to continue investing in drilling to expand current Heemskirk resources.

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Indonesian tin shipments fall in July

The article talks about the fall in tin shipments from Indonesia due to new purity standards, which has resulted in the continuously rising tin prices. The fall has been forecasted and is considered to be the largest since January 2012. However, this is an advantageous situation for tin project developers like Stellar Resources as the demand for tin is growing. In fact, Stellar’s recent pre-feasibility study demonstrated technical and economic viability of its Heemskirk Tin project in Tasmania.

The article supports its analysis by providing a brief summary of Macquarie’s research findings that show the rise tin usage.

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Nothing tinny about metal’s prospects in world market

The Age’s Peter Ker writes of new opportunities for Australian mining companies due to both external and internal factors, such as Indonesia’s changes to mining laws, growing demand for tin in Australian electronics industry, and the shortage of tin around the country.

Moreover, being a smaller sector with fewer players compared to “A-list” sections of Australian mining industry, tin mining provides every business opportunity for all tin producers. Stellar Resources is one of them, with its flagship project, Heemskirk Tin.

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It might be tin but it’s a Stellar opportunity

Resource Stocks’ Andrew Mole writes of Stellar Resources’ shift of focus from iron ore to tin as tin industry is where the company sees its future. Its biggest tin project, Heemskirk, contains the highest-grade tin in Australia and has an excellent exploration potential. To confirm the full potential of the project, the company will conduct a pre-feasibility study which is expected to be completed in 2013.

While Stellar is mainly focused on Tasmania and tin, it continues working on other exploration projects, including Tarcoola iron ore project in South Australia and uranium deposit next to Tarcoola.

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