Tin Exporters in Indonesia Plan Meeting to Counter Price

Bloomberg’s Yoga Rusmana and Dwi Sadmoko report that tin exporters in Indonesia, the world’s biggest supplier, will meet later this week to discuss a temporary suspension of sales to stem declining prices. Rustam Effendi, the Governor of Bangka Belitung, is likely to be part of the discussions and is expected to propose an export halt on tin for at least two months.

However, for the shipment halt to be successful, all exporters must agree to it.

With Indonesia discussing plans to introduce further barriers to their tin market, buyers may look elsewhere for long-term stable suppliers of tin. This could be beneficial to Australian developers and explorers such as Stellar Resources.

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Tin Exports From Indonesia Set to Slump 20% as Mines Checked

In her latest report on global tin mining, Bloomberg’s Chanyaporn Chanjaroen indicates that exports from Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier of the metal, will continue to decline in 2015 as the country tightens curbs on tin mining to boost sales of higher-value products. A planned clampdown on mines this year, to check which are so-called clean-and-clear and not in breach of regulations, will further erode supplies.

According to estimates compiled by the newswire, shipments may drop 20 per cent to 61,000 metric tons, down from 75,925 in 2014.

Whilst the Chairman of the Association of Indonesia Tin Exporters admits that they are “under a lot of pressure”, the article reports that efforts by Indonesia to clamp down on exports have had little effect on prices amid alternative supply. The news is likely to improve supplies from Myanmar, Australia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. For Australian developers and explorers, such as Stellar Resources, this is positive as buyers are looking for long-term stable supplies of tin.

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Nothing tinny about metal’s prospects in world market

The Age’s Peter Ker writes of new opportunities for Australian mining companies due to both external and internal factors, such as Indonesia’s changes to mining laws, growing demand for tin in Australian electronics industry, and the shortage of tin around the country.

Moreover, being a smaller sector with fewer players compared to “A-list” sections of Australian mining industry, tin mining provides every business opportunity for all tin producers. Stellar Resources is one of them, with its flagship project, Heemskirk Tin.

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