Heemskirk Tin

heemskirk tin
Stellar owns 100% of its flagship project Heemskirk Tin. Stellar’s focus on Heemskirk is supported by a positive outlook for tin prices, the high grade nature of the deposits, strong exploration potential, locational advantages and the relatively low number of projects competing for access to a tightening tin market. Read More


Pirie Basin Uranium

Prie Basin Uranium

Stellar’s joint venture partners UraniumSA Limited and Renaissance Uranium Limited are funding exploration to earn an interest in the company’s sedimentary uranium prospects in the Pirie Basin of South Australia. Both joint ventures remain at an early exploration stage. Read More

Exploration Portfolio

Stellar owns a number of exploration licences in Tasmania and South Australia that are prospective for tin, nickel, copper, gold and uranium. Several of the properties are being explored by joint venture partners. Read More