Learn About Tin

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  • Supply rationalisation is driving a recovery in the LME tin price
  • No significant investment in new tin mines or exploration for tin
  • Tin is an energy metal – new uses emerging in energy capture and storage
  • Traditional uses (solder, tin plate and chemicals) returning to growth
  • Significant market deficit forecast for 2018

  • Global market of 340,000 tonnes of refined tin valued at US$6.8bn
  • 47% of tin is consumed as lead-free solder by the consumer electronics industry
  • Tin chemicals, the second largest end-use with 16% of the market, has the fastest growth
  • China, at 44%, is the largest consuming country followed by other Asia at 25%
  • Global mine supply is 275,000 tonnes with recycled tin accounting for another 62,000 tonnes
  • China is the largest miner of tin at 32% and the largest producer of refined tin at 48%

Map of Global Tin Market Production

Country TIN
China 88Kt
Indonesia 66Kt
Myanmar 42Kt
Bolivia 20Kt
Peru 20Kt
Brazil 12Kt
Africa 9Kt
Australia 7Kt
Indonesia Tin Export Decline
Myanmar – Export Plateau
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