Nothing tinny about metal’s prospects in world market

The Age’s Peter Ker writes of new opportunities for Australian mining companies due to both external and internal factors, such as Indonesia’s changes to mining laws, growing demand for tin in Australian electronics industry, and the shortage of tin around the country.

Moreover, being a smaller sector with fewer players compared to “A-list” sections of Australian mining industry, tin mining provides every business opportunity for all tin producers. Stellar Resources is one of them, with its flagship project, Heemskirk Tin.

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Drill rigs hum in $38 hunt

According to The Mercury’s Helen Kempton, spending on exploration in Australia has now gone beyond the pre-crisis level, including tin deposits. Stellar Resources is investing $6 million on a year-long drilling project. The company is expected to move into construction of a processing plant in 2014 and start producing tin concentrate in 2015. Stellar will also be focused on its Heemskirk Tin project where the company has exclusive mining rights. The initial feasibility studies look promising. Once developed, Heemskirk Tin Project is likely to become the second largest tin mine in Australia.

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