Tin miners have success in the can

The Australian’s Robin Bromby writes of the world’s top tin resources, Australia being one of them with its highest-rated companies Kasbah Resources and Stellar Resources. As tin production is gaining new momentum, tin’s traditional role is shifting towards the electronics industry. Tin is expected to remain in deficit which will help boosting interest of key investors, such as Toyota Tsusho that accounts for 8% of world trade in tin.

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It might be tin but it’s a Stellar opportunity

Resource Stocks’ Andrew Mole writes of Stellar Resources’ shift of focus from iron ore to tin as tin industry is where the company sees its future. Its biggest tin project, Heemskirk, contains the highest-grade tin in Australia and has an excellent exploration potential. To confirm the full potential of the project, the company will conduct a pre-feasibility study which is expected to be completed in 2013.

While Stellar is mainly focused on Tasmania and tin, it continues working on other exploration projects, including Tarcoola iron ore project in South Australia and uranium deposit next to Tarcoola.

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